Our ambition is to be one of the most active companies in terms of social contribution in the food retail sector in India. CSR is one of the key avenues to remain connected to the community and be a responsible business by aligning our growth with the development of the society at large.

Key CSR Engagements

Leverage philanthropic
capital to create long term
impact through




Well-defined programs aligned with the ethos of the company Creating Sustainable Impact Involving the key stakeholders including employees, communities, customers

We have an outcome oriented approach to enable sustainable pathways for social development and environment conservation. We adopt a participatory multi-stakeholder approach that involves extensive engagement with all key stakeholders.

Our CSR initiatives are impact oriented and characterized by a detailed project implementation plan, well-defined governance and monitoring mechanisms and quantifiable performance metrics.

Our endeavour has been to leverage our efforts to create a catalytic impact in society and the environment.

Key CSR Engagements

Farmers’ Development

The key objective of our Farmers Development Program is to enhance dairy farmers’ income and transform their livelihood through socio-economic empowerment. The sustainable cattle development initiative includes interventions which enhance cattle productivity through improved feeding, healthcare, breeding and management practices as also build capacities of the dairy farmer in improved management practices through training, demonstrations, and exposure visits. The program currently covers more than 10,000 farmers in and around Pune district.

Intervention Support Areas include:

  • Loose Housing Structures (reduction in labor cost, better hygiene and stress-free animals resulting in better productivity)
  • Artificial Insemination (through both conventional and sorted semen)
  • Mineral Mixture Supplement (feed additive for supplying minerals)
  • Healthcare services (Vaccination, Deworming, Mastitis Kit, Infertility treatment,etc.)
  • Fodder cultivation (through demo plots)
  • Silage units (method of preservation of green fodder when available in abundance for use during scarcity months)
  • Composting (both Vermi-compost and Bio-Phosphate Rich Organic Manure)
  • Bio-gas (which can be used as cooking fuel)

Road Safety

Our ‘Make Roads Safer’ program is targeted towards promoting awareness regarding road safety including traffic rules, emergency response and first aid during mishaps. The road safety initiative is implemented throughout the year across the key metro cities in India and is targeted towards multi-stakeholder groups including youth, children, pedestrians, vehicle owners, differently-abled persons, traffic personnel, etc.

We support the Government of India’s efforts on the National Road Safety Week and undertake awareness building activities across the country through online and offline media, street plays, training sessions, road safety pledge drives, competitions, etc.

Community Health & Infrastructure

We are focusing on development of villages in rural and peri-urban areas close to Greater Noida (such as Dadha, Kasna, Kyampur, Fatehpur, Rampur, etc.).

(a) Enhancing health and well-being of the village community by

  • Increasing access to primary healthcare services through mobile healthcare vans.
  • Reducing micronutrient deficiencies in undernourished children through fortification of mid day meals.

(b) Enhancing the learning environment by improving physical infrastructure (library, digital learning labs, benches etc.) in government aided primary schools.

We see these initiatives as a drop in the ocean but live by the adage that each drop adds to making an ocean that will strengthen and create a sustainable environment for our society and its stakeholders.